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At MyGolfMedia, a brand-independent information site, we help you make the right cart choice, without being influenced by marketing.

Flat Cat Touch Hybrid Electric Cart

La marque allemande Flat Cat est de plus en plus présente sur le marché Français, distribuée par la majorité des acteurs français de la...

Motocaddy expands its range of 2021 electric forklifts with numerous evolutions

Motocaddy's line of electric forklifts, including some with GPS capabilities, is expanding in 2021 from two to five models, and users of...

PowaKaddy FX electric golf carts, new 2021 range

Last year, we saw that PowaKaddy, the British manufacturer of electric forklifts, had thoroughly revamped its Freeway collection. For 2021, the...

Is the Forecaddy electric remote control golf cart really suitable for our courses?

The ForeCaddy from Foresight Sports is one of the most sophisticated electric forklifts on the market in 2021.

Golf scooters: Good or bad idea?

With the initial idea of doing an article on electric golf carts, for women more specifically, I came across the new 2020...

Test of the Inesis 3 wheels golf cart by Decathlon

When manufacturers or distributors of golf equipment do not consider it useful to entrust their products to us for testing, if...

Golf carts for seniors, the best doesn't have to be the enemy of the...

Many golfers underestimate how tiring golf can be. If you're looking for an effective way to reduce the stress of...

PowaKaddy : new range of electric trucks 2020

PowaKaddy, the world's leading electric forklift brand, recently unveiled details of its newest product offering for 2020, including...

Motocaddy unveils its new 2020 line of golf carts

Motocaddy not only creates electric carts, they also offer golfers an interesting line of manual carts. Motocaddy will thus...

How to choose an electric golf cart in 2019

A good electric golf cart allows you to play 18 holes or more without having to carry your golf bag on the golf course.

Stewart X9 Follow electric golf cart test

Following an article about the Caddytek cart test, I was pleased to receive a proposition of article from a faithful reader, the...

Caddytek Superlite Explorer 4 wheel golf cart test

After years of good and loyal service, your manual golf cart has given up the ghost. Wear and tear and time have taken their toll,...

Motocaddy expands its range of compact electric forklifts with the new M Series

In 2013, Motocaddy had released its M Series compact cart line, which at the time were the smallest folding electric carts on the market....

How to best preserve the durability of your electric golf cart?

The sale of electric carts is a real business in the field of golf equipment. Prices can vary from 500 to...

PowaKaddy FW7s GPS, an electric cart with integrated GPS

Developed from the FW7, the PowaKaddy FW7s GPS integrates GPS technology directly into its handle. Following the success of its new range of products...

Electric golf carts, how to choose the right one for you?

Les chariots de golf électriques ont apporté une nouvelle façon de jouer au golf, en gommant certains inconvénients liés au transport du sac de...

Our Top-5 best golf carts in 2014

For many recreational golfers, the golf cart is a useful companion, and sometimes even an essential part of their game.

Golfboard: Surf the golf course instead of carrying the bag

At a time when golf is looking for more than just democratization, but especially to become fun, the golfboard is one of the most innovative...

CaddyTreck: Electric golf cart or smart cart?

For many, golf is a leisure, relaxation or social time rather than a competitive sport. The success of electric carts is...

Golf Cart: What you need to know before choosing

When you play golf on the course, even if you are primarily concerned with your level of play, whether it is technical, tactical,...

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