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Which golfer are you? Analytical or instinctive?

Quel Golfeur Êtes-vous ? Analytique Ou Instinctif ? | MyGolfMedia
A golfer who focuses on making a good golf swing

You can be two types of golfers: the one who wants to understand all the details of a golf swing, or the one who wants to remain as instinctive as possible. A golf teacher will have to identify your profile, before addressing you, and claim to help you progress. This theme is at the heart of the latest book by Michael Jacobs, one of the best teachers in the USA, author of "Science of the golf swing", published in 2019, and already a reference for many experts, including Michael Hebron.

balles de golf offertes

Does golf have to be a complicated game?

It is with this first question that the introduction of the book " Science of the Golf swing ", a book of more than 330 pages dedicated to learning the golf swing.

Michael Jacobs is pleased that amateurs can better conceptualize a golf swing, better understand how to think about it, before they do it.

For some, the golf swing is an artistic movement, comparable to a ballerina's dance step, certainly technical but not decipherable.

On the other hand, others, most often teachers equipped with technological tools, see only curves, data and graphical representations of this same swing, considering at the same time that many amateurs will have difficulty grasping the beauty or complexity of these figures.

Figures that finally decipher the secret of a golf swing.

Finally, golf is a ball and a club to hit it... Why make it more complicated? Michael Jacobs knowing very well where he wants to take us.

Along with his friend, Professor Steven Nesbit, Jacobs fits well into the second category who dreams of revealing the secret of a golf swing through physical parameters, and understanding the movements of the human body.

The teacher's starting point is, "We have years of diagnostics, kinematic sequences, two-dimensional analysis, but no documentation of what creates the origin of movement."

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